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Hi, I am Lirije Likmeta and I am a Children's Book Author. I grew up in a  large family and have seventeen nieces and nephews, I had the opportunity to help them grow their minds at an early age with reading and writing. Reading has always been something that I love to do but writing is my passion.

About Us

We strive to teach children important tools to overcome their fears.

This book Timmy and the Terrible Toothache is a book to encourage children to overcome their fear of the dentist, while Timmy experiences many scenarios that cause him to become frightened to see his dentist, The love and support of his mother and what she teaches him about using his mind to overcome his fear really helps Timmy become brave enough to get the filling in his tooth. 

We find it very crucial for children to have access to books that help encourage confidence and growth.

That is why we have a series of books coming out in the near future to support what is important for your children and their developmental skills. 

Children Matter.

Children deserve books and content to enhance their mind and abilities to adapt in difficult situations at an early age to help them become more successful.


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